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Software and Hardware

Companies in the healthcare industry are under intense pressure to deliver their services more efficiently and cost-effectively. VolaroMed clients utilize our services to maximize technology effectiveness and its impact on their business.

The economic climate is reducing the number of employed insured, potentially forcing dramatic change in how healthcare is delivered. Even countries with nationalized healthcare systems are exploring how to better manage their business and technology infrastructure to reduce costs and improve service delivery.
Further, integrated healthcare providers, managed care organizations, health insurance organizations and healthcare technology firms are facing unprecedented business challenges to address complex patient information management needs and share information more effectively.

VolaroMed helps healthcare organizations remain competitive with services designed to:

* Simplify administrative processes
* Reduce costs of technology operations
* Make more efficient use of technology resources
* Speed the deployment of new technology platforms
* Improve the quality of care delivery

VolaroMed combines unparalleled Healthcare expertise and experience throughout the healthcare continuum. To help contain costs and drive additional revenue for customers we provide a range of information technology and tools, including:

* Outsourcing
* Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
* Packaged Product Implementation and Deployment
* Application Design and Development
* Revenue Cycle Management
* Security and Compliance Services
* Helpdesk and Infrastructure Support

Today, VolaroMed address wide range of government needs with its partners, on national scale. The solution of the consortium is proven and working base on existing case studies.
VolaroMed is representative and business partner of NESS Technology which recently started to build the Slovakian National e – Healthcare. The knowhow of the two groups helps customers to have clear roadmap, from start – to – end.