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Pharmaceutical Industries

Established as a service to the health care industry VolaroMed has vast experience in providing distribution, pre-wholesaling, and added value services for the leading companies and private around the world in the medical supply and healthcare industry whose products we distribute.

Since our foundation, we have built up a strong position as a leading company in the Balkan counties and in European market through relationships with leading international Health Providers, Home Care Service, Distribution Partners, Retail Pharmacies, Services, Products and others, whose brands are consumer health names in almost every country in the world.

VolaroMed has achieved this position by providing top-class service and adapting itself to the aims of its strategic partners. Our state-of-the-art logistics systems and highly trained staff ensure that we manage the entire supply chain efficiently meaning our partners products arrive in top condition and on time.

Indeed, many people are benefit from the first-class health care which we provide to patients, goods and the services which we provide and distribute from all over the world.. These include patients, pharmacies, hospitals, old people’s homes, clinics, all the country’s health funds, drug stores, diagnostics institutes, and research labs as well as convenience stores and food store chains.