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Medical equipment

Let our team of trained medical experts do the job for you!! VolaroMed is pleased to provide you with comprehensive solutions for purchasing exactly what you require, including: gathering international quotes, filtering out the most attractive offers, negotiating prices – and much more!

In addition to saving you time and money, VolaroMed Professional Purchasing Services provide you with the advantage of knowing that well-trained and qualified medical equipment experts are handling the entire process. After searching, finding and comparing numerous options that exactly match your specific needs; an optimized purchasing package is formulated and presented to you with all recommended options, including all the pluses and minuses of each option. Our support team stay in touch with you if you need assistance on equipment operation or have questions about any aspect of your newly acquired equipment.

–  Additional to the above we can assist you in preparing the exact specifications required for the equipment you are seeking, in precise accordance with your needs.

– Contact the relevant sellers and get the technical specifications, condition of the equipment and other relevant facts.

– Manage the price negotiation process, backed-up by full knowledge of the global market price for each item.

– Select the overall most practical seller for each piece of equipment.
Find the best-suited local inspectors to conduct inspections (when requested by the buyer).

– Locate suppliers that will take care of installation of the equipment at the site, and instruct the buyer in the proper operation of the equipment.

Benefits of the Service

– Our turnkey, personalized service is managed by highly skilled physicians and professors who understand your particular needs.

– We do the time-consuming research and running around so you can use your valuable time taking care of more important matters ─ like taking care of your patients.

– You can rest assured you are getting the very best equipment at the lowest prices in today’s global market, as our professional team completely manages the negotiation process. You receive a pre-filtered list of available equipment in straightforward table format, so you can easily see the best equipment choices for you.

– You get exactly what you need. We make sure you never pay for options and features you don’t require.

How Much Does This All Cost?

The fee for VolaroMed’s Professional Purchasing Service is 15% of the total cost of all equipment purchased and services ordered.